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About Ed Mattson

Continuing to build my career in Architectural Design

Ed Mattson
Ed Mattson
My Father was a Contractor and a Master Carpenter. When I was 5 years old he handed me a hammer and a handful of nails, pointed to a pile of scrap wood and said "Get to work!". I learned from a Master to become one myself. Working with him up thru high school I learned the Trade. I was deciding on my future, Architecture in one hand and Art in the other; I choice Art and proceeded to Study Film, entering the Film Industry in NYC as well as working in the Art Industry doing installations. Moving to San Francisco I fell back on my trade and worked on designs and builds of custom furniture and installations, high end carpentry and contracting. My design work peaked my interest as I learned Web-Media and Graphic Design and started my own company Paperdoor in 2006. Architecture however, was not forgotten and stilled loved. In 2010 moving back to NJ for family I bought a fixer. I designed the plans for the renovation, built a 3D model and started the project of restoring the house I live in today. Shortly after an opportunity came up and I found myself working an apprenticeship with Jeff Schneider Architects of NJ doing AutoCad drafting, 3D renderings and Photography. I am looking forward to taking my career even further.  

What I do?


Strong understanding in Drafting, File management, Layer Management, Xref with the abilty to turn projects around quickly.

3D Modeling

Ability to build a 3D model from 2D plans, and render semi-realistic images of what a project will look like after completion.


With a present focus on Architectural Photography after years of experience behind the scenes of the NYC Film industry

Adobe Suite

A mastery of the Adobe Suite - including Lr, Ps, Ai, Pr, Ae, Au, Id, Dw, Fl, An


Highly computer savy. Able to troubleshoot technical issues to keep the workflow moving.

Media Design

Production in Film (or digital video these days) Music and Animation

Skill Sets

I have a very broad Skill set which all work in conjunction to best complete a project.

3D Modeling and Renders82%
Graphic Design92%
Adobe Suite96%
Construction and Carpentry98%
NYC - Exploring 224 E14th St






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